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Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Jammu-kashmir Tenders Ref.No 52117913
Closing Date 22 - Aug - 2022  |  7 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of spark plug spanner mg , cutting plier 8 inch taparia , tyre pressure Gauge , hammer 500gm taparia , adjustable 8 inch taparia , cold chiesel 8 inch taparia , valve die , reflector triangular , screw driver 10 inch taparia , de spanner 10 pc taparia , ring spanner 08 pc taparia , file flat with handle 12 inch , jack with handle m gypsy , jack mechanical with rod med veh , jack mechanical with rod heavy veh , adjustable 10 inch taparia , de spanner 08 pc taparia
Qty : 68

Sector Roads Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Jammu-kashmir Tenders Ref.No 52127676
Closing Date 22 - Aug - 2022  |  7 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of qcc lab items, pouring cylinder , marshall compaction apparatus , gps , dial gaugs , ennore standard sand , compression testing machine , core cutting machine , weight balance electronic , proving rings , cbr testing equipment , i s sieves , cbr moulds , cube mould , is sieve , automatic level , flakiness Gauge , soaking tank , sieve shaker , weight balance , aiv apparatus , speedy moisture meter , enamel tray , total station , slump test apparatus , elangation Gauge , bitumen extractor.
Qty : 146

Sector Civil Works Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Jammu-kashmir Tenders Ref.No 51696062
Closing Date 17 - Aug - 2022  |  2 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of machinery and equipments for different trades, Machinery Equipments (Plumber Tdade), Plumbers Ladder 7Feet Aluminium, 247x 57x18cm. Weight capacity 95Kgs, 5 staves ladder., Portable Forge 450mm with hand blower, Hammer Drilling Machine Diameter 20mm, Fire Buckets with Stand MS Round, Double Face Hammer 03Kgs , Ring Gauge 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, Machinery Equipments ( Motor Vehicle Trade), L Load 12 inches, Hydrulic Press Machine (Capacty 4 Ton), Power Steering Model (Both Hydaulic & Electric), Tool Set (Spanner, Ring Spanner, alenkey), Torque Range, Waste Oil Drainer gravity (Capacity 20Ltr), 1100 lbs Capacity 2 Stage, Transmission Jack with safety Chain, Drill Machine (2200Watt), Grander Machine (2400Watts), Drill Bit (0.2 to 20mm), Hydrulic Engine Putty (8Ton), Hydrulic Clasic Jack (5 Ton), Machinery Equipments (Electronic Mechanic Trade), AC Motor Traier Kit (1/4 HP Motor Single Phase Contractor Relays MCB DOL Starter), AM/FM Commercial Raio Receiver (Fequency range 400KHz to 1.5MHz intternal frequency 455KHz input, Mobile Phone Trainer, (2G/3G/4G dual SIM GSM Handset Frequency measurement and band verification Real Time Mobile Operator), Smart Phones of different make (Andriod/Windows) (6GB RAM Octa core Max 2.05GHz internal storage 128GB), Cell Phone power source with charger chords for different cell phones (Multi charging cables 3 in 1), Home Theatre System (JBL BAL 2.1 deep bass or Demon DTH S316 Home theatre), Solar Trainer Kit/ Simulator,( with built in meters for DCV, DCA, AC, Mutifunction meter(For ACI, ACB, power Frequncy) protection circuts, BS-10 terminals for making the connection single / dual axis tracking system charge controller, PWM based MPPT, Charging stage Bulk Absorptions and Flot), LED Light System (Measurementof Power , Voltage , surrent power factor and light output performance of different lighting productcs like LED, CFL at variable input), Dimmer Starter (3 AMPSs), Computer in the assembled form incuding cabinet motherboard HDD,DVD,SMPS, Monitor KB, Mouse, LAN card with WifI , web cam, BLU-Ray drive and pleyers MS Office edcation version. (Core i7 RAM 8GB wifi enable, web cam 24 inch monitor SSD Card hard disk with 1TB HDD, Laptops (4th Gen Ci5 higher processor 4GB RAM, 1TB Hard disk, Win8/latest preuploaded licence OS, 2GB Graphic Card, standard ports and connectors), Internet Broadband Connection FTTH Fibre at office, Eletronic circuit simulation software with 6 user licence (Circuit Design and Simulation software with PCB Design with Gerber ad G Code generation, 3D view of PCB, Breadboard view, Fault Creation and simulation), DOL Starter (Rating 0.75to 20HP), Machinery Equipments ( COPA Trade), Lap top (4th Gen Ci5 higher processor 4GB RAM, 1TB Hard disk, Win8/latest preuploaded licence OS, 2GB Graphic Card, standard ports and connectors), Switch 24 Port, Laser Printer Colour A 4 Size Scanner and xerox (Latest model), Network laser printer, Monochrome A4 Size, Digital Web Cam High Resulation (3.1MP or Higher), DVD or Blu-Ray Writer 24 x or Higher external USB, Online UPS 8KVA, Crimping Tool RJ-45, Network Rack RU for 24 Port, Mini Dongle for Bluetooth device connection USB, Sound System 2:1, External Hard Disk 1TB, Patch panel 24 Port, Lan Tester UTP CAt5 Cable Tester *R) 45), Punhing Tool For Punching RJ 45 Scoket with cat 5 cable, Optical Scanner Flatbed A4, Machinery Equipments (Electrician Trade), AC Stars. A) Resistance Type Starter of 2 to 3 HP, b) Direct online starter of 2 to 3 HP, c) Star delta starter manual of 2 to 3 HP, d) Star Delta Starter For AC Motor of 2 to 3 HP, Oscilloscope Dual Trace @20 MHz, Function Generator 2 to 200 Khz, Sine, Square, Traingular 220 V, 50 Hz Single Phase, DC Power Supply 0-30 V, 5A, Battery Charger 0-6-9-12-24-48 V,30 AMP, Machinery Equipments (Stenographer and Secretarial Assistant (English), UPS 650(VA), Laser Printer with A 4 Size Scanner and Xerox(Latest model), Air Conditions 1.5 ton with CVT, Fax Machine Latest model, Machinery Equipments (Sewing Technology Trade), Seam Ripper, Tailors card Scale Traingular , Tailor Square Plastic, French Curve Stofthree, Thread Cutter 24, Scissors 25cm, Pinking Shears 3mm, Leg Shapper Plastic, Garment hangers (43cm) 17inches, screw driver set (3.5 x 0.5), Table Sharpener (8mm blade material steel), Pettern Punch (125cm diameter), Pattern Notcher (9.4 x1.40 cm,140 Grams), Pattern hanging Stand (2100mm), stand for hanging dress (227m and the depth is 45mm), Eletric Automatic Steem Presses (12.1x13.8, 2.71cm), Sewing Machine Single needle lock stich industrail model, Over lock machine 3 thread, Zigzag multipurpose machine, double needle machine, button hole machine, button sewing machine, Bar tack machine, Feed of the arm double needle, Electric sewing machine, treadle sewing machine , Computer CPU :32/64 BIT I3/I5/I7 or latest processor speed 3Ghs or higher RAM 4 GBDDR-III or Gigher Wi-FI enabled Network card Integrated Gigabit Ethernet, with USB mouse USK Keyboard, a
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Jammu-kashmir Tenders Ref.No 52009855
Closing Date 16 - Aug - 2022  |  1 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of side cutter rh , side cutter lh , bucket tooth , side cutter , hose , pressure hose , strainer , handle rh , handle lh , rubber washer , lh lock assy , locking handle lh , locking handle rh , ram seal , working light , bulb 12v 35w , wiper motor , wiper arm , wiper blade , head lamp , bulb main 45w-40w , side light , light cover , rear light , oil pressure switch , horn 12v , brake light switch , water temp sensor , positive battery lead , ammeter 50 to plus 50amps , meter rpm , engine oil pressure Gauge , engine oil pressure hose , water temp Gauge , fuel Gauge , ignition switch , hour meter , starter relay , dump relay , knob , stop cable , oil filter , oil seal , shim kit , shim 0.5 mm , mud filter element , benjo bolt , nut lock , element filter , nozzle , bolt banjo , valve overflow , pipe fuel , hose for water outlet , gasket for feed pump , washer 0.2 mm thick , washer 0.3 mm thick , washer 0.4 mm thick , washer 1.0 mm thick , terminal negative , terminal positive boq title earth moving machine
Qty : 101

Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Jammu-kashmir Tenders Ref.No 52116729
Closing Date 16 - Aug - 2022  |  1 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of piston assy , ring set piston , cylinder liner assy , cyl head gasket , engine gasket set , main bearing , nozzle injector , intermediate bearing , fuel feed pump assy , oil filter cartridge , fuel filter element , pipes for fuel system complete set , crank oil seal front and rear , volt meter , ampier meter , frequency meter , banjo bolt 19mm , valve guide , engine stop cable , inlet and exhaust valve , push rod tube seal upper and lower , connecting rod cell , thrust washer , lock bolt long key , push rod guide , over flow pipe tank to filter , cylinder liner shim , connecting rod bush , battery lead with terminal positive and negative , oil pressure Gauge boq title genr spare parts.
Qty : 96

Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value Rs. 5 Lakh
Location Jammu-kashmir Tenders Ref.No 52117600
Closing Date 15 - Aug - 2022  |  Closing today View Tender Details
Supply of injector nozzle , gear box check nut , key , brake pipe assy , field coil assy , driven disc 352 dia , slave cyl clutch , combination switch , nozzle , rpm Gauge , pressure pipe , cable 16 oblique 14 pin dlc , pump assy oil , end steering tie rod boq title procurement of mt spares
Qty : 28

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