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Sector abcHealth Services/EquipmentsTender ValueN.A.
LocationJammu-kashmir - India Ref.No47336847
Closing Date07 - Feb - 2022
Supply of pathology models and other items - acetone (2.5 litre), chloroform (2.5 litre), alcohol (2.5 litre) absolute, paraffin wax (500 gram), mounting media (dpx) (250 ml), methanol (2.5 litre), sodium dihydrogen phosphate monohydrate (500 gram), disodium hydrogen phosphate arlydrous ( 500 gram), container plastic 50 ltr for formaline storage with lid, hematoxyline powder (05 gram), aluminum ammonium sulphate (500 gram), mercuric oxide ( 100 gram), giemsa powder (500 gram), hno3 (acid) (500 ml), og6 stain (orange green) (125 ml), ea 50 stain eosin(125 ml), tissue dye ( 5 colours), slide mailing boxes (5 slide capacity), alcian blue (100 ml), pas stain (kit) , afb stain (kit), thymol (500 gram), fouchet’s reagent (125 ml), erlich’s reagent (125 ml), drabkin’s sol (250 ml), leishman stain (liquid) (250 ml), spirit lamp (brass made), lens cleaning solution (100 ml), egg albumin (500 gram), esbachous reagent(125 ml), platelet diluting fluid (500 ml), brilliant cresyl blue stain( 125 ml), d.glycogen (500 gram), procurement of pathology models , endometrial carcinoma, skin-papilloma, skin-basal cell carcinoma, skin-papillary hemangioma, dermoid cyst, cavernous hemangioma, lepromatous leprosy–skin, tuberculoid leprosy–skin, actinomycosis, granulation tissue, ileum-typhoidulcer, tuberculous lymphadenitis, amoebic colitis, artery-recent/organisedthrombus, acute ulcerative appendicitis, stomach-chronicpepticulcer, liver cpc, liver-portalandbiliarycirrhosis, lung-hemosiderin pigment or cpc, heart-rheumaticmyocarditis, heart-healedinfarct, kidney-crescentic glomerulonephritis, kidney-chronicpyelonephritis, kidney-infarct, lymphnode metastasis, hodgkin’slymphoma, brain-tuberculousmeningitis, brain-meningioma, pyogenic meningitis, bone-chondroma, bone-osteoclastoma, bronchopneumonia, hashimoto thyroiditis, procurement of pathology equipments/ instruments , tissue flotation bath with thermostat, steel moulds of different sizes assorted (4 sizes), weighing machine for biopsy weighing (digital range 1 gram to 5 kg), storage cabins (for slides) , specifications , capacity 10000 slides, 30 to 40 drawers, teakwood material, slide storage boxes for storing 100 slides, slide storage boxes for storing 50 slides, storage cabins (wax blocks), specifications , 6 drawers, capacity 3000 blocks, refrigerator double door 340 liter capacity, bone cutting electric saw, forceps of different sizes for grossing, scalpel/ surgical blade holder, surgical blade, grossing set (complete), staining racks (stainless steel 20-30slides), coplin jars, staining troughs to accommodate staining racks of 20-25 slides (stainless stain), measuring cylinder (2l, 1l, .5l)plastic, glass flask borosil (5 liter capacity), tripod stand, gas connection, glass bottle (100 ml), stop watch /timer, brushes of different sizes (small), pointed probes, plastic cassette (white, yellow, green 10000 each), glass marker, centrifuge tubes (falcon tubes), stickers (gmc baramulla printed on them), filter paper (50), tissue bags (small and medium size, nylon shandon), guaze, trays for ice (plastic), plastic container with lid (100 liter capacity for formalin storage), spatula, heamometer set (sahli’s), hemocytometer set , urinometer, albuminometer, wintrobe’s tubes (glass made) with stand, westergren pipette (disposable), westergren pipette (glass made) with stand, pasture’s pipette , micro pipette, photo hb meter for estimation hb by cynmeth hb method, test tube rack 6 tube capacity, reagent bottles rack 12 no. capacity, reagent bottles (60 ml capacity ) (plastic), test tube holder, glass rods , lp needle, bone marrow aspiration needle, dropping pipette ( plastic), blood grouping tiles, troughs for staining, digital balance for weighing chemicals 1g to 1kg, automatic timer watch, bone marrow biopsy needle , liver biopsy needle , cell counter (5key), cell counter (9 key), cell counter (12 key), steel trays for carrying slides (20 slides each tray), beaker (250ml cap), pipettes (5ml) glass made with teat, test tubes 15*150 mm, test tubes 12*100, incubator small (range 10 °c to 250 °c), pat hology microscopic photographs, size 20x26 laminated & fitted with plastic strips, , cellular responses to injury, dhp 1 cellular adaptation, dhp 2 response of cells to injury, dhp 3 early cellular respones to injury , dhp 4 hydropic degeneration, dhp 5 fatty change , dhp 6 cell necrosis, dhp 7 patterns of tissue necrosis , dhp 8 apoptosis, acute inflammation, healing and repair, dhp 9 outline of acute inflammation, dhp 10 formation of the acute inflammatory exudate, dhp 11 established acute inflammation lobar pneumonia, dhp 12 acute inflammatory exudate, dhp 13 outcomes of acute inflammation, dhp 14 early outcone of acute inflammation macrophage accumulation, dhp 15 resolution of acute inflammation lobar pneumonia, dhp 16 granulation tissue , dhp 17 wound healing, dhp 18 fibrous scar, dhp 19 specialised healing in bone , dhp 20 abscess formation , chronic inflammation, dhp 21 cells i
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